Beauty: Sabu.baby duvet created for the most demanding customers is not only a beautiful fabric but also wonderful colours as well as care and precision with which it is made. Patterns designed by us create the climate of peace and calmness. Subtle details such as frills or embroidery add uniqueness to every set. Parents love watching their kid sleeping and we can guarantee that there is nothing more charming than your baby in our duvet.

Practicality: Duvet with a zipper. Sewed in sizes ideally fitting a baby and toddler bed. You do not have to worry that your kid will get tangled in a too huge duvet. Duvets are sewn in any sizes to order.

Quality: Duvet is made of a cotton satin (100& COTTON), which is safer for your baby’s skin, and has suitable certificates and seals of approval. Cotton satin is nice to the touch and does not wrinkle like other cotton duvets. Sabu.baby products serve many years without losing their aesthetic and visual qualities.

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