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Are you expecting your first child and feel a bit overwhelmed by a huge range of products for kids?

Are you a mum and have some unpleasant experiences with poor quality or completely useless things?

Or maybe you want to give an exceptional but at the same time useful gift to your sister or the best friend?

You’re in a good place!

Sabu.baby is a brand created by a mum for mums. In cooperation with mums. My brand philosophy is based on 3 pillars: Beauty, practicality & quality. Why these 3?

Beauty: There is no need to deceive yourself, as we are mums, we want our kid to be the most beautiful, surrounded by beautiful objects and have beautiful life. Creating collections, which you can find in my shop, I spared no efforts to make every single object lovely, aesthetic and eye-friendly for a young mum. I choose patterns and models which make remarkable duvet collections and unique clothes sets. Childhood should be sweet and delicious and with sabu.baby you can be sure that it will be like that.

Practicality: While buying things from my shop, you don’t have to worry that some of them may be useless. I tested my whole assortment myself. That’s not all! Duvets and clothes were thoroughly tested and assessed by the most demanding jury ever! By Gloria – my daughter – and Julia – her friend from a labour ward. I want to spare you annoyance which I was experiencing when I was buying a seemingly great thing which with some time turned out to be completely useless and ended up in a box in the attic. You will be or you are a mum so you don’t have time for impractical, unnecessary shopping.

Quality: I can guarantee the top quality products, made of attested materials recommended for kids’ sensitive skin. For duvet sets I use satin cotton which is more noble than the normal one. Clothes are sewn from jersey with a digital inscription which makes the pattern more durable. Every product is hand-made and done with the highest care and attention to details. I put a strong emphasis on accuracy to be able to offer an exceptional assortment which you cannot find in any other retail chain. We put our hearts and souls into our products to make you feel  certain that you buy a luxurious product.

Now you know why Beauty, Practicality & Quality. However, in case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer all your questions as mums should always help other mums.